Competitive Program

Competitive classes are available for students who have mastered the basic skills taught in the beginner class, and who are interested in competing.  There are three levels in the program, based on skill level, not age.  A coach will determine the most appropriate level, and let you know when you are ready for the next level.  All students in the program are expected to take at least one private lesson per week.

Classes are held once a week for eight weeks and last an hour.  The cost is $250 for an 8-week session.  Classes may be cancelled if there are fewer than 6 fencers registered. Maximum enrollment is 14 fencers per class. Fencing gear is available for individuals who do not have their own gear, but students in this class are encouraged to have their own gear.

Students enrolled in a competitive class are allowed to participate in open fencing without purchasing a club membership.

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Make sure you have a competitive US Fencing membership. Click here to join USFA.

Level 1:

The level 1 competitive class will build on the skills taught in the beginner class, focusing on improving these skills so that they can be executed with proper technique. Level 1 classes will be run in 4 segments just like beginner classes. However, more emphasis is placed on technique throughout the class and students will fence electrically.

Level 2:

The level 2 competitive class will build on the skills taught in the level 1 class. Students in this level are expected to have a solid understanding of fencing footwork and basic technique. Level 2 classes will use the technique learned in level 1 and build off these skills in order to learn how to execute actions in a variety of ways. Level 2 classes will focus on improving footwork and fencing technique by means of specific drills.

Level 2/3:

This class is appropriate for level 2 and level 3 competitive fencers. This class will be run like a level 2 class, with a focus on drilling and technique, but will incorporate strategy as well. This class benefits level 2 fencers because it is focused on technique and building up these foundational skills, while providing an introduction to the strategy taught in level 3. However, this class is also appropriate for level 3 because it is an opportunity to step back and focus on technique in a way that is not as possible during a level 3 class.

Level 3:

Students in level 3 are expected to have a solid foundation of how to set up and execute fencing actions. Level 3 will not focus on the technique of executing actions. Instead, this class will focus on fencing and the strategy of a fencing bout. During this class students are expected to warm up on their own (as they would in a competition) and be able to fence for the majority of the class while focusing on various concepts.