Beginner Classes

The beginner class is intended to introduce the basics of fencing. The focus of the class will be to introduce and practice basic footwork and how to correctly hit your opponent, as well as introduce the rules of fencing and the equipment needed. Classes will be divided into four segments. These segments will include a warm up, footwork, fencing-specific drills and fencing. Fencers will be able to fence during each class.  Throughout the session students will have the opportunity to hook up and use electric scoring equipment.  Once students can demonstrate the basic skills, put on their fencing gear unassisted, and hook up to the electric scoring equipment unassisted, they will be eligible to move into the recreational or competitive classes.

Our beginner classes are appropriate for students without any fencing experience and those who are still mastering the basic skills.  Classes are held once a week for eight weeks.  The cost is $250 for an 8-week session.

Classes may be cancelled if there are fewer than 6 fencers registered. Maximum enrollment is 14 fencers per class.

Fencing gear will be available for individuals who do not have their own gear and is included in the price of the class.  Fencers should wear long athletic pants and athletic shoes to class.

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