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Address:  21670 Red Rum Drive, Suite #159, Ashburn, VA (behind 21660)


DIRECTIONS TO THE FENCING CLUB.  Please note we are behind  21660 Red Rum Drive.


Amy Papadopoulos

Amy was introduced to fencing through her daughter seven years ago. Since then she has watched as her daughter has become increasingly involved in the sport. (Maria is now a Varsity fencer at Duke University). Two years later, Amy’s husband Nic also started fencing. While he doesn’t have the time to put the effort in that Maria does, he thoroughly enjoys fencing and going to tournaments. He is often seen grinning his way through his bouts and enthusiastically thanking anyone he fences. Amy is not a fencer, but is a nationally rated referee and a member-at-large of the Virginia Division Board of USA Fencing. She hopes establishing this club will promote fencing in Loudoun County while providing a “home” to those who can’t wait until the next time they get to fence.


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