Fencing Gear – What to Buy

Please note there are a number of different manufacturers.  Everyone has their own favorite.  Everyone also has their own preferences when it comes to gear.  That said, for each item in the lists below a link has been provided to a specific product that would meet that particular need.  At the bottom, however, there are also links to some of the various manufacturers in case you want to shop around.

If you buy a starter package, PLEASE make sure it includes 2 electric weapons (not practice weapons), 2 body cords, and a mask suitable for tournaments!  The description of the mask should state that it is suitable for tournaments or mention that is a 350N or 800N mask.

MUST HAVE:  What you MUST have in order to go to a tournament:

STARTING SLOWLY:  If you want to buy things slowly, the mask and the glove are usually the first choice.

ADDITIONAL ITEMS:  Additional items you might want to purchase:

EPEE EXTRAS:  Suggested upgrades for electric epees

GETTING SERIOUS:  If you are getting serious about competing, you could consider purchasing these items in the following order:

FIE EPEE EXTRAS:  Suggested upgrades for electric epees

Links to Equipment Manufacturers: