Private Lessons:

Private lessons will only be given to individuals who have listed Loudoun International Fencing Club as their primary club.  The only exception to this policy will be fencers who are not allowed to change clubs because they have already competed in a National or Regional event that season.  Those individuals will be allowed to take lessons with the understanding that they will change their club affiliation as soon as possible and with the understanding that they are no longer taking private lessons at their previous club.


Once a waiver form is signed, Loudoun International Fencing Club, may use pictures of you on social media or for marketing and publicity purposes.  First names may be used on social media, but last names will only be used after having asked specific permission.  Other than in the cases listed above, Loudoun International Fencing Club will not share any of your personal information.


Loudoun International Fencing Club reserves the right to cancel a class or camp if there are not enough fencers signed up for the class or camp.  If a class or camp is cancelled, anyone who has already paid for the class or camp will have their money refunded in full.

In addition, activities on a particular day may be cancelled due to inclement weather, illness, or other unexpected circumstances.  If a class is cancelled, the current session will be extended to make up for the cancellation.  If a camp is cancelled on a particular day, 20% of the cost of the camp will be refunded (assuming a 5 day camp).  If the club is closed due to weather or other unexpected circumstances, the home page of this website will be modified to indicate the closure.  The closure will also be posted to the club facebook and twitter pages.


If a fencer cancels his registration for a class session before the first class, the cost of the class session will be refunded in full.  If the fencer decides to cancel his registration after the first class but before the second class, the cost of the class session will be refunded minus the cost of a single day of class.  After the second class it will not be possible to get a refund for that particular class session.

In order to receive a refund on a camp, registration for the camp must be cancelled 4 weeks before the camp.